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SHIELD™ Panels (Structural Panel System)

The Difference Architects & Engineers Agree On

Design and engineering, even in perfect collaboration, are only as successful as the products with which they work. That's why architects and engineers agree on Guardian Structural Technologiesʼ unique structural panel system.

SHIELD™ wall and roof panels not only provide architects a versatile design product that engineers can rely upon, but an affordable one that builders and owners will love. Once you experience the benefits of designing, and specifying a SHIELD™ structure, you will turn time and time again from traditional wood and metal framing, SIPS and ICF products to SHIELD™ Panels.

Design Flexibility, Structural Strength, Construction Speed, Energy Savings

Developed and perfected from years of working with architects, engineers, construction firms and building owners, the uniquely designed SHIELD™ Panels deliver creative, structurally sound, easy to install, energy efficient buildings for homeowners, commercial real estate developers, as well as healthcare, educational and governmental institutions.

Constructed of light-gauge galvanized steel framing and expanded polystyrene rigid insulation, SHIELD™ Panel structures deliver superior air tightness and R-values with negligible thermal bridging, which outperforms traditional wood and metal framing, ICFs and typical SIPs.

SHIELD™ Panels Buildings – Lifetime of Benefits for Owners & Occupants

Guardian Structural Technology is committed to helping owners meet their high performance building needs with a structural envelope system that provides superior technical, environmental and financial benefits for the life of the building. SHIELD™ Panels buildings deliver not only short-term construction cost savings, but long-term environmental and financial benefits as well.

  • Sustainable - components made from 100% recyclable material.
  • Healthy – panels do not let off toxic gases and do not mold or attract pests.
  • Insulated – provide R Values of up to R-50.
  • Energy-Efficient - reduces heating and cooling costs for life of structure.
  • Load-Bearing – engineered-stamped to ensure true structural integrity.
  • Durable – panels never break down.

SHIELD™ Panels Buildings – Unparalleled Affordability

SHIELD TM Panels offer the most affordable industry alternative to typical SIPs and ICFs, providing a fast return on investment in as little as 18 months. SHIELD TM Panels allow for a reduction in heating and cooling loads meaning less HVAC equipment to purchase and maintain.